I see you

Anxiety, panic, depression… All of these tend to make you feel extremely unstable. It makes you question things you might not in a normal state of mind, it makes you feel a little crazy, and more importantly it tends to isolate you. A few weeks ago I was at the gym, after work, when I started to have feelings of an oncoming panic attack. I texted one of my friends, who I work with, that I could feel the panic rising in me. She did not respond by text, and at first I thought “how rude”. Instead I look up in the mirror as I’m lifting weights and see Holley walking up behind me. We talked for a little bit, she told me several times that she didn’t know the magic words, but then magically she said them.

“I see you” 

I can’t even say in the moment I realized how wonderful those words were, honestly I thought they sounded silly. These past few weeks I’ve been ruminating on those words and how phenomenal those three words can sound when you’re in a very unstable mindset. Within those three words there is no judgement, no fixing, and no shaming. Within those three words there is compassion, validation and stability. Linguistically, such a simple statement but emotionally, it has such a profound meaning! 

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