Getting older

Best thing about getting older is learning about myself (and the world). So here are the top 31 things I’ve learned in my 31 years on this planet. There is no specific order to these nor is there a pattern. Also, it’s probably not complete as my mom brain is short circuiting but these are some really good ones!

  1. The right accessory can seriously keep a smile on your face throughout the day!
  2. Listen to your gut. it’s ok to ask for advice and even listen to advice but You know your circumstances the best
  3. My personal feelings do matter
  4. Flexibility can be such a great characteristic but it needs to be balanced with boundaries
  5. Life is way too short but not so short that a great night sleep should be overlooked (ie ill sleep when I’m dead)
  6. Grief sucks but it’s also important to the healing process and its a direct correlation of the love felt for the person lost
  7. Im not sure there is such a thing as a “normal” life
  8. Friends come and go, and that’s ok. I believe there is a purpose for each interaction (however short lived)
  9. I love being a mom, i love being a wife and i love being a friend….but i NEED to be myself
  10. The term family is fluid
  11. This life was NOT meant to be lived alone
  12. All the big events, graduation, marriage and babies didn’t change nearly as much of me as I expected
  13. Friendships naturally change as I get older, and thats not only normal but ok!
  14. Priorities shift, constantly
  15. You can’t live your life based off “what if” You could be missing out on the greatest opportunities. On the flip side you could be holding onto some of the most self destructive thoughts.
  16. It’s ok and encouraged to let your inner child out every once in a while
  17. What works for one does not necessarily work for all
  18. Not everyone cares what you think
  19. Always be willing to try new things
  20. Travel! Cross country. To a new continent. To a new state.
  21. Don’t let fear ruin your life
  22. Don’t judge a book by its cover
  23. It’s ok to go to bed mad, sometimes you just need some sleep and a clear head before tackling the issue at hand
  24. Tell/show the people you love that you love them as often as you can.
  25. The truth may “set you free” but it’s not always openly accepted or without consequences
  26. All emotions are valid. All emotions are important to gain some understanding in yourself and how you react. It’s the Actions we take in response to the emotions that can be inappropriate.
  27. Sometimes you should splurge and buy the name brand item as the quality is incomparable but other times, save the money and buy store brand. Experience and others will help you determine which
  28. Life will knock you down, its up to you (and no one else) if/when/how you will respond
  29. You can’t control anyone but yourself
  30. I need to give it up, I’m addicted to caffeine and that wont change 🤪
  31. Working out helps to keep me sane. Especially challenging myself and improving! Best thing is making it fun, it can be great “self care”

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